Knowledge and Anticipation

Personal thoughts, discoveries and experiences of Dmitri Tcherbadji.
Knowledge and Anticipation

Last minutes in Vientien, Laos. It was an incredibly hot week in one of the most chill places in the world. Despite the relaxing vibes the trip was filled anxiety about receiving Thai visa. While waiting for the Canadian passports at the mercy of foreign authorities we discussed our amusement at the contrast between fancy cars vs shabby buildings and the variety of English accents spoken by the pink-skinned visitors somewhere from The Isles. #blog

Knowledge and Anticipation

"Fall in the tropics". A tree across the street from us started loosing its leaves. At some point it felt completely like November in Toronto outside the window with the only difference of being +40C outside. Today I realized that the tree sprouted new leaves overnight and they are almost fully grown now, size of my palm. #blog #artsocket

Knowledge and Anticipation

Today I came across giant nerd dog with @bettid at the #chiangmai university #blog

Knowledge and Anticipation

After a nightmarish bus ride with what seems to be the stupidest and the most annoying people in the world (I mean they were really fucking retarded) we are finally in Lao. First thing I noticed is how chill this place is, I like that. #blog with @bettid

Knowledge and Anticipation

This monkey is very happy with himself because he just stole a bag of chips. Later I fought it for my water bottle. #blog

2013 in review

I tried to be as open and honest as I can in this post. Happy Holidays and the upcoming New Year, friends!



The Story Ends
"The Story Ends"

This past year was very special for our little business. Until very recently, it was a part-time endeavour mostly aimed at showcasing Dmitri’s and his friends’ photography and artwork. This year Dmitri left his job, sold everything that he owned and took off to travel Asia and South East Asia. This created a unique opportunity for him, the business, the artists , and the customers. This year Artsocket has become a “do or die” project.

First and foremost, Dmitri is an artist and designer with some extra skills that allowed him to build ArtSocket from scratch. Business and sales is a very new endeavour for him and everyone involved in the project. No doubt we’ve made some mistakes in the past. We are still finding our voice and are constantly looking to improve and better our services like becoming more accessible and offering better selection.

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Knowledge and Anticipation


Merry Christmas from Cambodia everyone! This year it’s fireworks and paper lanterns at the beach. Warm wishes from tropical South East Asia!

Christmas Day 2013, Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Dmitri Tcherbadji and Betty Dai.

Day 4 in Cambodia.

Reached Sihanoukville. Perhaps the most beautiful place on on earth. The sand is as white as good printing paper. The sea is bright emerald that turns silver on the horizon. The sky is blue and the clouds are bright white like glowing magnesium.

It is hard to believe that just 30 years ago millions died in this very country at the hand of some local asshole. And there are still so many who are very very poor and desperate.

PAUSE: first impressions of Cambodia

As I travel I work. Sometimes it seems like a good idea, other times it does not. And then there are times when it’s like: PAUSE - kind of like now.

Ever since the first day in Cambodia nothing seemed the same. It is a normal feeling to get once you enter a new country and are generally staying away from resorts and shops aimed only at tourists. But it is much more intense here. In the same day you can visit a place of almost unearthly beauty (like the Royal Palace) and a man-built hell on earth (like S-21 torturehall-prison where thousands perished at the hand of Khmer Rouge).

This place also has a very surreal vibe.

Job Searching Woes in China


For the first portion of my journey, I planned to stay in Dalian, China for a few months to be close to my family. I also wanted to try my hand at teaching. I had tutoring experience and my friend who had worked in China before assured me that it was ridiculously easy to get a teaching job. He…

Funny, sad and quite angering. The story of wide-spread incompetence, vanity and racism in China.

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